Orient ProFresh Refrigerator

The ProFresh Refrigerators have been made to accommodate the needs of our customers using state of the art technology to ward off bacteria, keep your food healthy and increase its life to the maximum. Our added features like Door Alarms, LED light and better machinery make them the most energy efficient refrigerators so far! These unparalleled ProFresh features are a benchmark in themselves!

Fan ensures uniform circulation of cool air

Multiple vents at every shelf level ensure even cooling throughout the refrigerator and quickly restores the correct temperature once the door is open and closed. The fan separates airflow from the refrigerator and the freezer to ensure uniform circulation and improve freshness. The refrigerator area stays more humid keeping fruits and vegetables fresher, longer. Humid air stays out of the freezer to reduce freezer burn, improving the quality of frozen food.

Ensures bacteria free storage & doubles the period of food preservation

Protects the freshness and natural taste of your fruits and vegetables by maintaining a constant and non-fluctuating temperature. The UV light also safeguards fresh foods from spoiling while preserving their original flavor. The antibacterial lamps are used to disinfect the air and the surfaces in the refrigerator with high microbial culture using the ultraviolet radiation.

This light uses a wavelength about 253,7 nm where the germicidal effect is maximized. The product allows for easy, rapid and efficient disinfection of the food from bacteria, fungi and mold, it extents the life of the items.

Automatic Door Alarm

Now you don’t need to worry about losing cooling from your refrigerator if you mistakenly leave the door open. The Door Alarm lets you know every time you leave the door ajar for longer than a specific time; saving you cooling, warding of new and saving electricity.

Price in Pakistan:

Rs. 50,000